2nd Arrest in Denver Cop Davin Munk Bust: Did Angiella Arnot Aid Sex Assault?

Update: Yesterday, we told you about the arrest of Denver police officer Davin Munk for suspicion of sexual assault and more; see our previous coverage below.

Now come some unexpected twists.

First up: the arrest of a second suspect, 47-year-old Angiella Arnot, who's also being investigated on multiple sexual-assault beefs.

Secondly, the allegations reportedly pertain to a sexual assault that was aided by another individual, that employed the use of a weapon or that caused serious bodily injury.

This last detail comes from 7News, which also cites sources who say the incident in question took place after a group met at a southwest metro-area bar, not far from the Southwest Plaza mall, before traveling to Munk's nearby home, in the gated community of Willow Ranch.

Thus far, we don't know what happened there. The Denver Police Department stresses that "the arrest affidavit and other documents are currently sealed to protect the integrity of the investigation."

At this point, formal charges could be pressed as soon as early next week — but whether they'll be accompanied by additional details remains an open question.

Look below to see larger versions of booking photos for Arnot and Munk, followed by the 7News report and our previous coverage.

Original post, 7:21 a.m. May 5: As we've noted, Colorado police officers are seldom charged for shooting and/or killing people in the line of duty.

But authorities have been less reticent when it comes to cops accused of sex crimes.

Take the cases of Denver police officer Hector Paez, who was accused of forcing an arrestee into orally pleasuring him in order to avoid jail, and Colorado Springs cop Paul Patton, recently given a probationary sentence for his relationship with a kidnapping victim; he said he tried to get her to drop her obsession with him by having purposefully bad sex with her.

The latest law enforcer accused of sexual misconduct: Denver police officer Davin Munk, who's facing what are described as multiple counts of felony sex assault and a felony-menacing beef. He's currently suspended without pay pending the outcome of the investigation against him.

Thus far, the Denver Police Department hasn't released a booking photo of Munk, saying that "it may be needed for further investigative purposes." However, CBS4 obtained this DPD portrait:

In addition, Munk's Facebook page, which lists him under both "Vin" and "Davin," remains online at this writing.

Including in the photo gallery is the shot at the top of this post, as well the following image:

Munk's Faceook timeline includes a pro-police post that goes after "cop haters," but the page doesn't identify him as a member of the Denver department. Instead, his profession is listed as "self-employed."

However, the DPD says he was hired to work on the force in 2013 and was most recently assigned to northeast Denver.

The department also revealed his disciplinary record, which reportedly includes four incidents — among them a February 2015 suspension for "prejudicial conduct" and a December allegation of inappropriate force that's still pending.

As for the latest accusations, the DPD has revealed only that on May 2, a thus-far-unidentified "Colorado police agency" passed along information about a reported sexual assault said to have taken place in late April. The next day, the victim provided a statement that established enough probable cause against Munk to justify the issuing of an arrest warrant.

That document and others remain sealed. But DPD spokesman Sonny Jackson did tell 7News that Munk and the alleged victim “had a quasi-relationship, I would say.”

Things clearly went sour in a major — and allegedly criminal — way. Look below to see reports about Munk from both CBS4 and 7News.