Who Deserves Affordable Housing in Denver? The Community Weighs In

Late last month, Denver announced a plan to spend $150 million over the next ten years to construct 6,000 affordable-housing units.

The announcement was made at a packed community meeting at East High School on April 26, where Mayor Michael Hancock and other Denver officials described the ins and outs of the proposal.

Topics included how the plan will be funded — with previously approved property taxes as well as a new developer fee.

Perhaps the most revealing part of the meeting — aside from the satirical signs posted around East High — 

was when audience members were given the opportunity to answer questions using electronic remotes. By clicking buttons on the remotes, 156 participants gave the city instant feedback on a number of topics, ranging from who they believed should be the recipients of affordable housing to how much they think the city should spend.

After the meeting, Westword made a request to the city to obtain the polling data to share with our readers.

Below, we've posted the results from selected questions so that you can see how Denver community members from across the city (30 percent of whom identified as "activists") responded.

Do you agree with them when it comes to affordable housing? 

Below, you can see the responses to all the questions in a PDF provided by the city:

East High School Affordable Housing Poll Results