Open Music Session: Brent Cowles Lifted Up the Open Media Foundation

In February, we predicted a big year for former You, Me and Apollo singer Brent Cowles. And it wasn't only us. In that same article, Cowles himself said, “I haven’t been this excited in a long time. Just about everything that’s happening. I have this feeling under my skin that it’s going to be a big year. Something cool is going to happen.”

Okay, it's fairly early days, but the singer-songwriter is off to a good start with local and tactically astute shows that have been impressive. He was stunning as the featured artist at the April edition of Open Media Foundation's Open Music Sessions, as this performance of "Lift Me Up" proves.

Listen to more of Brent Cowle's music library, and download and remix with the stems of his Open Music Session songs below.

Cowles introduced "December Sun" as the "first love song I ever wrote," while saying that he usually finds it hard to write about positive things. He did a great job here.

About Open Music Sessions: Every month, Westword joins Open Media Foundation and Greater Than Collective to bring you Open Music Sessions: A video series aimed at introducing people to bands and providing context for their music. Every First Friday, we bring a band to the Open Media Foundation studio at Seventh and Kalamath and record a live performance. In addition to broadcasting the show live on the Denver Open Media TV stations (Comcast channels 56, 57 and 219), we edit the clips for certain songs, which you can find at You'll also find additional information about the band and the recordings of individual instruments on select songs, which you are welcome to download in order to create remixes or simply to learn more about the way the music is constructed.