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Marijuana Strain Review: Headband OG at Oasis

South Broadway and north Denver attract all the attention with their concentration of pot shops, but the herbal haven along a certain stretch of Evans Avenue is nothing to scoff at, either. The area has eight or nine dispensaries — including Cross Genetics, Sacred Seed and Sante — sprinkled on or just off the road between South Federal Boulevard and South Quebec Street. Since I moved to a part of town farther south, this stanky strip of Evans had became a forgotten land for me — but a recent trip to a University of Denver lacrosse game brought back memories of my old smoking grounds, inspiring me to drive around to see if old flames could be rekindled.

Pot-shop parking lots on Evans have about four spots each and are nearly impossible to maneuver when full. I had to drive by Sacred Seed because of the clusterfuck (sorry, maybe next time), but things had cleared up by the time I reached the Oasis Cannabis Superstore at 6359 East Evans. The old beach-shack dispensary had been remodeled since the last time I was in, with an expansive new recreational bud room featuring over 150 strains and 110 pre-rolled joints to choose from. I could’ve easily spent hours in there, so I picked the first strain I saw: Headband OG. A gram was $17 and change after tax.

Oasis purchases more than half of its strains from wholesale growers. This one was grown by Carrick Harvest, a wholesale pot supplier in Denver that doesn’t operate its own dispensary. The Headband OG nugs were covered in a micro-coat of toddler trichomes that almost looked like dust, making the forest-green hues seem a shade brighter. Breaking up the compact buds released complex smells of OG earthiness, cheesy funk and jet fuel. If it wouldn’t trigger a roadside test, I’d love to fill my car with the same scent.

Headband is a hybrid of Sour Diesel and OG Kush, so Headband OG, a cross of Headband and OG, might sound sacrilegious to some seasoned tokers. I love OG genetics, though, so a little love between mother and son didn’t bother me none. A blunt in a non-flavored Swisher was a great balance for the potent OG flavor, and a buttery, citrus aftertaste made the tobacco less harsh. Cartoon steam whistles started blasting from my head halfway through the blunt, reminding me to set it down before my eyeballs fell out.

The mind-bending yet calming high that Carrick Harvest’s Headband OG gave me made the new Game of Thrones episodes go from great to amazing, though I don’t remember half the killings, betrayals or nudie scenes. Great for a lunchtime smoke or a wake-and-bake with coffee on a day off, this Headband OG proves that a grow doesn’t need a storefront in order to produce quality pot.

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