Word of Mouth

Reader: Who Would Eat at a Train Station? My Family!

Yesterday we reported on upcoming changes in the Great Hall at Union Station, which will celebrate its second birthday this summer. By then, Acme Delicatessen will have replaced Acme Burger, the Terminal Bar will offer full-service dining at the booths in back, and there will be an official beer garden in front of the station. But that may not be enough for John, who asks: 
Who eats at a train/bus station?
Other readers were quick to reply, sharing their favorite spots at Union Station. And then there's this from Emily: 
I am like a lot of other families I know. We have weekend "adventures" with the kids. Start out at a train station and ride it into Union Station, have breakfast there, take the bus down 16th and walk around (or head to a museum or one of the parks that are nearby), and in the summer come back and have some lunch, a treat, and a splash in the water. It's in the middle of downtown; if you don't enjoy your city, then go live in the mountains.
Have you been to Union Station? What do you think of the eateries there?