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Frasca Food and Wine Hosts Istituto di Olio Dinner Tonight

Frasca Food and Wine welcomes Steve Lewis, owner of Giuliana Imports and Giuliana Direct Olive Oil, for a special Istituto di Olio dinner at 6 p.m. this evening.

Founded in 1996, Giuliana Direct Olive Oil was created to make it simple and affordable to buy fresh, real extra-virgin olive oil directly from some of the best producers in Spain, Italy and France — a task that wasn't as easy as it sounds. As 60 Minutes reported in January, the Mafia is making billions off olive oil and agriculture scams. As a result of the so-called "Agromafia," it's estimated that as much as 75 to 80 percent of the oil sold here in the States does not meet the legal standards for extra-virgin oil. Many "olive" oils are cut and diluted, and some bottles labeled "extra-virgin olive oil" may not be olive oil at all, but sunflower or other seed oils made to look and smell like olive oil.  

You won't have to worry about diluted products at Frasca tonight: Guiliana Direct Olive Oil strives to be a source for pure, unadulterated olive oil. At the event, you can taste estate-produced olive oils from northern, central and southern Italy; find out how each highlights certain dishes, and learn what pairs well with them. The dinner is $230 per person, which includes the tasting menu, wine flight, tax and gratuities. Call Erin Pommer at 303-442-0608 to reserve your seat. 

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