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Shia LaBeouf up to 7 Weird GPS Tweets, Some Beyond Boulder

Update: Last week, we told you that actor Shia LaBeouf had tweeted out Boulder GPS coordinates but wouldn't say why; see our previous coverage below.

Since we last posted, LaBeouf has widened his scope.

At this writing, he's up to seven GPS-coordinate-related tweets — and they now go beyond Boulder.

As we've reported, the coordinates in the first two tweets referred to a couple of Boulder County locations: one near the NOAA Table Mountain Test Facility, the second in the Sugarloaf Mountain area.

Since then, he's reportedly tweeted coordinates for Georgetown, Highway 72 in Coal Creek Canyon, another Boulder-area location (on Olde Stage Road), Ellen Bunyan Bein Park in Berthoud and, in this tweet sent at noon on Sunday, May 15....

...the intersection of Blue Mountain and Blue View Roads north of Lyons.

The folks at 7News have created a map of all the locations to date.

As you can see....

...part of the resulting design looks a bit like an arrowhead — but only a bit.

Still, we have a feeling this all means something to LaBeouf — like publicity for his scheduled appearance at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art on May 22.

In 2014, as seen in the image at the top of this post, LaBeouf declared that he wasn't famous anymore. But he can still generate interest like a star, albeit of the very strange variety.

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Original post, 8:54 a.m. May 11: Actor Shia LaBeouf is, to use a technical term, one weird son of a bitch.

Once a prepubescent/teen crush thanks to roles in Even Stevens and Holes, not to mention the Transformers movies, LaBeouf has, in recent years, actively shunned celebrity via his version of performance art.

Take this Dazed account of how he kept busy in June 2014: "First he turned up at Berlin Film Festival with a paper bag reading 'I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE' over his head; then he walked out of a Nymphomaniac press conference (but not before quoting Eric Cantona), then he set up shop at a gallery in Los Angeles in a performance entitled #IAMSORRY. For six days he sat in the small gallery space, wearing a tuxedo and the now-infamous paper bag, crying in front of visitors."

Oh, yeah: LaBeouf also made an appearance in our Former Child Star Celebrity Mug Shot gallery.

His latest strange stunt? In recent days, he's twice tweeted GPS coordinates to locations in the Boulder area — and he won't say why.

Here's the first tweet....

...and the second:

The enterprising folks at the Boulder Daily Camera figured out that the coordinates point to a pair of locations in Boulder County approximately twenty miles apart.

9News notes that the first corresponds to a road not far from the NOAA Table Mountain Test Facility, while the second is in the Sugarloaf Mountain area.

Here's a Daily Camera graphic showing both.

The two news agencies reached out to LaBeouf in the hope that he might reveal the meanings of the tweets.

No go.

But the working theory is that the tweets relate to LaBeouf's scheduled appearance in the Boulder area on May 22 as part of a Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art festival called MediaLive.

He's expected to speak on a panel about corruption — the fest's theme — alongside artists Nastja Säde Rönkkö and Luke Turner.

The Camera asked fest director Nicole Dial-Kay about the tweets, but she had no comment, either.

Perhaps all will come clear in the coming days — but don't bet on it.

Below, see our favorite LaBeouf appearance in recent years (and the source of the GIF at the top of this post): Rob Cantor's amazing Shia LaBeouf Live.