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Reader: List of Old Restaurants Brings Back So Many Fond Memories

This week Brad Weismann served up memories of ten more long-gone Denver institutions, including such restaurants as the Yum Yum Tree —a forerunner of the food court — and the Denver Drumstick, which once had five locations around Denver. Says Chris: 
Thanks for this, Westword! It brings back so many fond memories of Denver when I was a child!! I haven't seen you do any writeups on Soda Straw. It sat just north of what is today Shotgun Willie's. It was a soda fountain-type restaurant where we would go for social gatherings as kids, as well as birthday parties!!
Adds Dallas:
I miss Lotus Room at the original VFW #1...
And Traci remembers a couple more:
The Organ Grinder? Baby Doe's?
What long-gone Denver restaurants do you hunger for?