Meet Wrong House Invader Caleb Williams & His Victim, Teacher Jesse Swift

We recently told you about a home invasion in Golden involving three males allegedly in search of drugs and cash who are said to have entered the wrong house — a mistake that resulted in the stabbing of the male resident and one suspect.

We now know much more about Caleb Williams, the injured suspect, Cody Jones, one of two individuals still being sought by police at this writing, and Jesse Swift, the stabbing victim — a middle school teacher and father of two whose young children were asleep in the basement of the home when their dad was brutally attacked.

At 9 p.m. on Monday, May 16, as we've reported, officers with the Golden Police Department were called to the 1900 block of Washington Avenue, an area captured in the following interactive graphic. If you have problems seeing the image, click "View on Google Maps."

The initial report: Three men had forced their way into the home and were fighting with a male resident.

Upon their arrival, the cops found the resident, Swift, and a suspect, Williams, suffering from stab wounds.

Both were rushed to a nearby hospital — Swift in critical condition that required immediate surgery. Later in the day, Golden police revealed that he had been stabbed in the kidney and suffered a punctured lung, plus other lacerations, but is expected to survive.

The stabbing victim's wife provided additional information about what happened. She told investigators the couple had heard "light knocking" on their door, and when her husband answered it, the three men forced their way inside and began fighting with him.

They were armed with knives, two of which were found at the scene, and possibly a baton.

A perimeter was set up in the area, but the two men, as well as a woman thought to have been waiting in a car for them, managed to get away.

Shortly thereafter, however, authorities reportedly used information found on Williams's phone to track down and bust another suspect — a seventeen-year-old male who hasn't been identified yet owing to his age. They also announced the name of the third male suspect: Jones. The female is currently described as "unknown."

As for why the assault happened, a GPD release characterizes it as "a tragic case of mistaken identity. According to one suspect in custody, he and two other young males broke into a home in the 1900 block of Washington Avenue last night just before 9 p.m. They were expecting to find $10,000 in cash and drugs. However, they went to the wrong house."

The department also released a terrifying 911 call placed by Swift's wife. Warning: The content may disturb some readers. Here it is:


The GPD also released a photo from Williams's Facebook page in lieu of a mug shot; presumably a booking photo hasn't been taken because of his medical condition.

The page describes Williams as a native of Pontiac, Michigan, who's living in Denver.

The most recent timeline item, shared in late April, states that he "Started Working at Mini Stop convenience store."

Also on view, in addition to the pic at the top of this post, is the following graphic:

Jones is among Williams's Facebook friends.

His page says he's from North Richland Hills, Texas, where he attended Richland High School.

His most recent residence is listed as Boulder, and a 2016 item announces that he "Started Working at hustle town the way you live is the way you die."

An added comment: "Don't get cought [sic]."

The Golden Police Department released the following photo of Jones:

However, his Facebook gallery offers plenty of other choices, including this portrait....

...and this one....

...and the following silly shot:

Also showcased are numerous glamour shots of marijuana. Here's an example:

On his Facebook page, Swift, a teacher (like his wife) at Bell Middle School in Golden, keeps the focus on his family and another one of his passions, cycling.

We've masked images of Swift's wife and two kids from his Facebook gallery to protect their privacy.

Here's one family photo....

...and a pic from this past Halloween.

Among the cycling events mentioned on his timeline are the Winter Park Fat Bike Series #2 in February 2015 and the Urban Cyclocross Chaos in November 2014.

A considerably more personal take on Swift can be found on a GoFundMe page launched in the wake of the attack.

Included is this photo....

...and the following introduction:
 Around 9 p.m. on May 16, 2016, Jesse was attacked and critically injured in a home invasion. His wife and two young children were home at the time but were unharmed. Jesse fought back, causing two of the three men to flee (likely saving his family from harm), and critically injuring his attacker. As of 12:30 a.m. May 17, Jesse was out of surgery and in the ICU.

Jesse is not only a person who is referred to as the "nicest guy" after something terrible happens - he is a rare and spectacular soul about whom everyone launches into accolades and praise at any mention of his name. He is a devoted husband and father of two beautiful children, a high-achieving and widely respected middle school teacher, and a fierce, fast and fun competitive mountain biker known across the West for his good sportsmanship and character (and for being damn fast).

From all of these things, he is best and most widely known for his character-defining work ethic, compassion, wisdom, and unrelenting passion for life - and especially for his family and students. Jesse's remarkable qualities have always made him someone of whom others speak with admiration and with deep appreciation for knowing him.

Jesse has helped everyone who knows him, although he'll humbly talk it down, and now it's our turn to return the favor. At this point, the costs associated with his recovery and with this event are incalculable. The current focus for the Swift family are Jesse's life and the safety of the family, but the financial impact will soon follow.

For every moment he's spent with his children, for every memory he's made with his wife, for every student whose life he's touched, and for every one of the infinite acts of kindness that Jesse has constantly performed, please thank him with a donation.

The world is an immensely better place because of Jesse Swift. Let's show him we appreciate that. 
An update adds that Swift and his family "will not be able to move back into their home following this event and will need assistance with housing and relocation. Any donated funds will help this."

At this writing, more than $14,000 has been pledged toward a goal of $50,000. For more information, click here.

If you have any information about this case or the at-large suspects, you're encouraged to contact Golden Police Detective Eric Jones at 303-215-8863.

Our best to Jesse Swift and his entire family. Here's a 7News report about the latest developments.