Happy Hour

Reader: How About Budget Romance for Working-Class Folks?

What are the most romantic spots in the city? Visit Denver's list of the top ten romantic places in the Mile High City features several restaurants, including Barolo Grill, Vesta Dipping Grill and perennial favorite Bistro Vendôme, a sweet French spot tucked in the back of Larimer Square.  Lindsey agrees with that pick: 
Bistro Vendôme was the first place I thought of!
Another reader is a fan of a place across Larimer Square. Asks Lincoln: 
What about Osteria Marco? The perfect patio, secluded wine cellar, the 'two-top' tables you mentioned a million times...
And then there's this from Scott: 
If you have money. How about budget romance for working-class folks?
Good question, Scott. If you can get in a romantic mood early, don't give up on Bistro Vendôme. It has a new happy-hour special from 4 to 6 p.m. on weekdays, when you can get mussels and frites — a big, big bowl of PEI mussels, done in three different preparations, as well as a heaping helping of those award-winning fries — for just $12. Wine is half-price, and there's also the Diebolt Brewery Anton Francais French Ale for $3, plus a cocktail of the day for the same price. And the romantic atmosphere is free!

We tried it this week and fell in love...with the deal, at least. Find out more at bistrovendome.com or call 303-825-3232.