Literary Calendar: Christine Goff, Nick Bantock and a BookBar Anniversary

Books are booming this week, with Governor John Hickenlooper signing copies of The Opposite of Woe: My Life in Beer and Politics at the Wynkoop Brewing Co. on May 26. But there are other noteworthy literary events at metro bookstores this week: You can go local with mystery author Christine Goff, travel to strange new places with Nick Bantock, or kick back at BookBar with a signature glass of wine and a good read.
Christine Goff, A Parliament of Owls
TatteredCover Colfax Avenue
7 p.m. Wednesday, May 25

Colorado mystery author Christine Goff is for the birds — but in the best way possible. An avid birder herself, she continues her birdwatcher’s mystery series with A Parliament of Owls, a local whodunit in which U.S. Fish and Wildlife Agent Angela Dimato searches for clues in the death of a soccer mom found in prairie-dog heaven on the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge. Mayhem does happen in our own back yard; might as well have fun with it. Accordingly, the book launches right here in Denver on May 25.
Nick Bantock, The Pharos Gate: Griffin & Sabine's Lost Correspondence
Boulder Book Store
7:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 25
Tattered Cover Colfax Avenue
7 p.m. Thursday, May 26

Nick Bantock’s Griffin & Sabine series is one of the great literary love stories, especially for folks who love mail art and mystery. On the 25th anniversary of the first book, Griffin & Sabine, the artist/author has released the ongoing tale’s beautiful finale, The Pharos Gate, a gorgeous tome full of unfolding secrets, both mystical and — thanks to the book’s interactive features — literal. How does the story end? Get some clues from Bantock and have him sign your copy. There is a $5 voucher charge at the Boulder Book Store, which is good toward purchase of the book; the book signing at the Tattered is free.

BookBar’s Three-Year Anniversary Party
10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday, May 28

After three years on Tennyson Street, BookBar is proving that a glass of wine and a good book are the perfect match, which is reason enough to throw a party. To celebrate its third anniversary, BookBar is releasing a new menu of book-and-wine pairings, offering tastes of its new BookBar wine and serving cake and champagne toasts all day long. Cheers!

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