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Reader: Most Modern Denver Houses Are Replacing '50s Garbage

The debate continues about the proliferation of modern-style houses in Denver neighborhoods.

A lot of our readers aren't fans, as exemplified by a recent Comment of the Day in which the author argued that most houses of this type stick out like a sore thumb.

Of late, however, people who like this sort of architecture have started to make their voices heard.

Here's one example.

Daniel Streske writes:
Good grief, are we still supposed to be building Denver Squares and driving '57 Chevy's? Time moves on, and so does style. If you've been inside of one of these homes, you'd get it. They're amazing. And generally speaking (I get that there are exceptions), the houses they're replacing are 50's garbage with zero character. The multifamily that is going increases population density, which we need to do, and increasing the tax base, which we need. I'm all for it, 90 percent of the time.