Video: Frontier Passenger Freaks Out Before Stripping on Flight From Denver

"I don't believe it!" a woman screams while lying on the floor next to the cockpit door of a Frontier aircraft originating in Denver. "I don't believe it!"

Neither did the man whose video captured part, but not all, of a freakout during the taxiing procedure that resulted in the flight being turned around. The woman was subsequently escorted off the plane by Denver police before it continued to its destination, Portland, Oregon.

In the clip, the woman (whose identity is disguised) follows the declarations noted above with a largely unintelligible shriek, after which she collapses and begins panting loudly. Then, once a flight attendant goes toward her in an attempt to calm her down, she turns onto her back, kicks off her flip-flops and rolls backward, pedaling her feet against the cockpit door.

Shortly thereafter, the videographer, who told his story to Fox31, stopped recording — because he says the woman stripped naked, even removing her socks. He added that the woman had been acting erratically before boarding the plane, alternately laughing and crying, and once aboard, she'd tried to pry out the oxygen bag before climbing over a fellow passenger and heading toward the front of the aircraft. Later, she reportedly told a police officer she'd been up for three days straight and had taken some pills given to her by a friend.

Fox31 identifies the videographer only as Devin, but the New York Daily News includes his last name, too (click the link for more info), and says he deleted the video after sharing it on YouTube — but not before plenty of other users grabbed it. Obviously, pulling something down doesn't mean it will stay down.

Below, see the clip, followed by the station's report, which includes an airline expert who chides Frontier for not doing more and suggests that if other passengers had reported the woman's distress before she boarded the plane, the entire incident might have been avoided.