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The Inventing Room Serves Up Free Science Classes for Kids

The Inventing Room's Ian Kleinman is equal parts chef and scientist, serving up wild and wonderful treats at his Ballpark neighborhood dessert bar. You can stop in and enjoy liquid-nitrogen ice cream, exploding whipped cream and housemade cotton candy in unusual flavors just for the pure pleasure of it — but you and your family can also learn a little something about the science of sweets in the process. And now Kleinman is making it a little easier for kids to absorb some knowledge with their sugar rush, with a series of free "Science of Ice Cream" demonstrations to be held in June.

The demos will be geared toward kids between the ages of seven and fourteen and will focus on how cream and sugar come together to form silky ice cream with the help of liquid nitrogen. Other topics will include how pop rocks are made, how bubbles get into soda, and even the science behind Twinkies. “The goal is to get kids excited about science and have them explore all of the different and interesting ways to connect science with food,” the chef explains.

Kleinman will head the classes himself and will lead discussions about the science of food before performing demonstrations in using carbon dioxide and liquid nitrogen in juices, sodas and ice cream sundaes. After the demo, attendees will get a free bag of cotton candy for the trip home.

The classes are scheduled for June 8, 15, 22 and 29 from 11 a.m. to noon, and space is limited to twenty kids in each session, so parents are encouraged to drop their young ones off and pick them up at the end of class. Call the Inventing Room at 303-885-2802 for reservations, which are required.