Word of Mouth

Reader: There Is Better Pizza Than Godfather's Out There

After a two-decade absence, Godfather's Pizza is back in metro Denver. Franchisees Cody Wickham, Jake Smith and Adrienne Wood took over a space that was previously a convenience store in Thornton, gave it a new look and opened for business on Memorial Day. But is this pizza an offer you can refuse? Says Lisa: 
So.....went to the grand opening of Godfather's Pizza. It took one hour for us to get our pizza!!!! Wasn't all that. I think the anticipation of having it back in Colorado is what is drawing everybody to go there. Was it good back in the day?? Yes, perhaps it was. But...there is better pizza out there. 
Responds Austin: 
It ain't about how good it is. Some places back east, ya grew up with Godfather's and seeing it in Denver makes me feel slightly more at home. I agree: It's trashy, greasy but yet still somehow delicious as hell.
Adds James: 
Godfather's is ketchup on cardboard.
But enough about Godfather's. Readers are hungering for other blasts from the past. Says Michael: 
Oh, the hell with that — when are we going to get something really delicious: WHITE CASTLE!!!!
Concludes Lisa: 
If we wanted nostalgia....bring back Organ Grinder Pizza or Mama Rosa's Pizza. Now, that was good pizza back in the day!
Will you try the new Godfather's? What restaurant concept would you like to see back in Denver?