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Reader: Illegal Pot Grow Raids Could Sweep Up Innocent MMJ Patients

We recently wrote about comments made by Colorado Springs mayor John Suthers.

Suthers maintains that dozens upon dozens of homes in the area are being used as illegal marijuana grows, often by illegal immigrants from Cuba — and he promises that a crackdown marked by hundreds of arrests will be coming soon.

As we noted, many cannabis reformers don't have a problem with shutting down cultivations that violate Colorado law — and a lot of readers felt likewise.

But this reader fears that things could go too far — and innocent patients could get improperly implicated.

Scott Cheatham writes:
If Cubans and Mexicans who are illegals are found to be doing what he alleges in this piece, then that should be the only reason someone gets busted. Organized crime, yes...bad for everyone. But even though I'm a teetotaler all the way around, I fear that someone with an agenda will heavy hand some person growing for their own use. I've studied all sides of this issue....Concentrates take more plants to produce product as opposed to the smoke that I recall from the 70's and 80's. It should be obvious when someone is doing it for themselves and it shouldn't be a crime. Take a look at what's already happening in Illinois where it just became medically legal. A bunch of Colorado folks are running that operation and charging much higher prices than they are for the same product in Colorado. It's $$'s that's at the forefront here.