Reader: You Missed Thirteen More Kinds of People to See on First Friday

Were you at a First Friday celebration last night? If so, you might have spotted one of the types featured in our Ten Kinds of People You Might See at First Friday. But "you missed a ton," says Matt Morava, who supplied his own list:

1. The beleaguered waitstaff at El Noa Noa.

2. The "stank pack" that hangs outside the most popular gallery on Santa Fe and reminds everyone that Colorado is legal by blowing huge clouds of smoke at everyone passing by.

3. The Capoeiras — Is it a dance? Is it a martial art? Is it neither?

4. The food truckies — keep truckin'.

5. The young student artist who suddenly feels better about his/her chances in the art world. 

6. The First Date... seemed like a good idea at the time, but how many galleries left?

7. The vultures... picking up good art at what they know are cheap prices. 

8. Cute lesbian couples having fun. 

9. Cute gay couples having fun.
10. Miserable single straight dudes looking at anyone but art.
11. New to Colorado and not sure what to make of it... is this cool? Better check with the locals. (Answer — it was ten years ago... same with everything in Denver.)

12. Flat Bush Cholos — cruising the strip. 

13. And then there's me... wishing for fuck sake I could at least draw a stick figure.