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Reader: I'm So Over This F*cking Native Versus Transplant Bullsh*t

We recently shared a jeremiad from a Colorado transplant fed up with "elitist" natives.

In it, he stressed that he didn't move to the state for marijuana and said he'd like to feed the next native who gets up in his grill a "buffet of dicks."

This topic has been one of the most discussed in this space for months, if not longer.

But the following reader has had enough of it.

Clay Baker writes:
I'm so over this fucking "native vs transplant" bullshit. Get the fuck over it. Natives bitching about transplants are no different than the racist sacks of shit screaming at anyone that isn't white to "go back to their own country." Yes...the housing market sucks...yes I'm sick of smelling pot fucking everywhere...yes the traffic blows...especially during times of bad weather. But it is what it is. At one point, you natives weren't native. Just because you were born here and remember the good old days doesn't mean shit. Please...get some act right.