F*ck Yeah Colorado! Celebrates Colorado Day

It's Colorado Day — a perfect opportunity to celebrate the state we're in.

Not that the folks at the Fuck Yeah Colorado! Tumblr need a calendrical excuse.

We saluted the site in our first Fuck Yeah Colorado! collection circa 2012, and created a 2014 sequel highlighting the page's predilection for capturing the funny, strange and/or wonderful things about our home in images and words.

See what we mean by checking out the ten items below, some featuring text from the site. We predict they'll inspire you to say, "Fuck yeah, Colorado!" on Colorado Day and beyond. Click to visit the original site.

Number 10:
Number 9:
Number 8:
Note from the site:

From “Jerry Thomas’ Bartender’s Guide: How To Mix Drinks or A Bon Vivant’s Companion," 1862

David Wondrich:

“To look at the recipe for Rocky Mountain Punch is to assume that the name is merely honorific, assigned from the comfort of a club chair two thousand miles from Pikes Peak and the rough and ready life of the mines. But that would be a mistake. In all but the most precarious and temporary camps, the supply of fine drink was an item of paramount concern to what was by certain standards an unhealthily large proportion of the population, and items like champagne, Jamaica rum, maraschino liqueur, and lemons were often available when things like vegetables, eggs, and soap weren’t.”

Number 7:
Number 6:
Note from the site:

It’s never too early for a cold brewski. Drink local, Drink Colorado — especially during Colorado Craft Beer Week! From Andrew Steger.

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