Designer and Actress Serana Rose Spotted Outside Mutiny Information Cafe

The summer sun is setting sidewalks ablaze — and street style is starting to get hot, too. We spotted Serana Rose outside the Mutiny Cafe; she's from Iowa but now calls Denver home. Rose has performed in a traveling circus and stars in films produced by Bloodshed Deathbath. "I would perform on stage and on the street," she says. "I just love performing."

An illustrator and tattoo artist, she's also the creator of the Born Ugli fashion line; Rose has been designing clothes since she was in high school. The multi-talented artist took a break from selling her creations on Broadway to talk with us about where she shops, what inspires her aesthetic, and how she expresses her artistic vision.  "I play myself in my show, I play the character I truly am, I swallow swords, I eat glass and fire," she says. "I do things that are very dangerous for the sake of art and entertainment. My major in college was fashion design, but I never graduated because I went on tour. I had no home base for five years and lived in Los Angeles, and now I live in Denver.

"I like to think off stage I am humble," she adds. "You have to have a big ego when you are on stage, though. Off stage, no one wants to talk to a big egomaniac."

Rose describes her style as "scary, fairy, magic." On this particular day, we caught her in a custom creation, her corset.

Here's more from Rose:
Favorite color: "Purple."

Favorite accessory: "I like when other people have hair bows. My favorite accessory is my bra."
Style inspirations and icons: "My style is inspired by the subculture sweeties and freaks I meet in real life — minimal yet extraordinary costumes including rhinestone-embellished bras, jewelry, corsets and head-dresses. I like things that are easy to pack into a suitcase but look extravagant on stage. I like pieces created for traveling performers with pieces also suitable for streetwear."

Style mantra:
"Glam-rock fashion at grunge-rock prices."
Shops at: "Thrift stores, eBay, flea markets, L.A. Fashion District and art-supply shops."

Summer anthem: "I've been listening to a lot of death metal this summer."

"The goth scene in Denver is real," she says. "I have fun seeing the personalities of people here. Iowa doesn't have much of a fashion scene. A lot of my fashion is worn by people from tattoo conventions. I have a more alternative style. Most of the things I make are one of a kind."

Like Rose, create your own style, Denver.