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Reader: Brunch Is More Than a Meal — It's a Way of Life!

On this beautiful almost-summer weekend, people will be eating brunch — Denver's favorite meal — at spots all over town. This week we served up our 2016 edition of the Ten Best Restaurants for Brunch in Denver, and found that choosing ten still left a lot on our plate. Or, as our Facebook headline suggested: "Brunch isn't a meal — it's a way of life." Responds Matthew:
Headlines like this are true!
Adds Cheyton: 
If you can get a table....
Says Kris: 
I've only been to 3 of 10. We have some work to do this summer!
But then there's this from Jayme:
This list should be updated. Revelry Kitchen is hands down the best brunch in Denver!
We agree that Revelry serves a great brunch — but it's also a great breakfast spot. With so many options, we limited this year's best brunch list to weekend-only brunches. Watch for a second list devoted to great everyday brunch and breakfast spots. That's where you'll find our Best Brunch winner in the Best of Denver 2016, the Universal, where you can snag the city's best brunch any day of the week.

Post other suggestions for that list in the comments section, or e-mail [email protected]