Reader: Been Wanting to Meet John Carpenter My Whole Life — What a Bummer!

John Carpenter, the legendary horror filmmaker, has been the focus of a Scream Screen tribute at the Sie FilmCenter that concluded with last night's Prince of Darkness showing. But there was supposed to be a special bonus to that series: Carpenter, who's currently on his first national tour as a musician, was slated to stop at the Gothic on Tuesday, June 21, to perform selections from his two albums, 2015's Lost Themes and this year's Lost Themes II. But that particular John Carpenter show — and no others — was suddenly canceled a few days ago, leaving some very disappointed fans. Says Joshua:
So insanely bummed about this! I travel weekly for work and rearranged my whole schedule to ensure I'd be in Denver, and five days before the performance we hear it's cancelled. Totally devastated - been wanting to meet John Carpenter my whole life; a true influence to me in so many ways. What a bummer.
Were you planning to see John Carpenter live? What do you think of his films? His music?