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Reader: Jobs Are Everywhere for Homeless People

We're still collecting comments on Chris Walker's post about a $3.5 million federal grant to Denver in regard to permanent housing for hundreds of homeless people.

Many folks are upbeat about the grant itself.

But they don't see it as a panacea.

Take this reader, who mentions the impact of marijuana and transplants on the city and opportunities for housing recipients to work.

Nathan Hoffman writes:
All for this long as the homeless people that get housing also go out and get jobs and contribute to the state. They should be drug tested including MMJ since it's a federal grant. Underlying issue is too many transplants making everything more expensive. Jobs are everywhere. Some are low paying starter jobs like fast food and some just suck but min wage job is better than no job. It would be cool to point them to educational programs, too. But if they just live for free and don't have jobs then it's no solution.