Word of Mouth

Reader: "Asian-Mexican" Food Just Shows That Denver Has No Culinary Identity

After blending the flavors and street-food stylings of Mexico, Korea and other Asian and Latin American countries at his food truck, Chuey Fu's, for years, Joe Knoblich finally has a permanent home for his efforts. Chuey Fu's Latin-Asian Grub is open at 1131 Santa Fe Drive, in a space that previously housed Nate's Crown Liquors. But while his eatery may be settled, the question of what constitutes Asian-Mexican street food is not. Says Zechoriah: 
It's because Denver has no culinary identity. Even most of the Mexican folks here have never been down south and can only make "gringo" food. Any city that highlights its burgers and pizza as special is no better than some fool from Ohio who puts mayonnaise on his food.
But Rebecca has a good explanation: 
Actually, it is quite common as many Chinese immigrants settled in Mexico during the time they worked on the railroads.
Have you tried the Asian-Mexican fare at Chuey Fu's (whether at the mobile or brick-and-mortar location)? Have you found it at other spots around town?