Bud+Breakfast Opens Fourth Pot-Friendly Spot in Grand County

Bud+Breakfast is opening a new location in the mountains of Grand County this weekend, marking the company's fourth marijuana-friendly bed-and-breakfast in Colorado.

Located about an hour and a half from Denver in Parshall, Camp Bud+Breakfast was set up in partnership with Aspen Canyon Ranch, in a ranch setting where guests can enjoy cannabis and the great outdoors — through horseback riding, yoga, hiking, paintball, fishing, swimming and ATVs, all activities offered by Aspen Canyon Ranch. Camp Bud + Breakfast itself will offer educational programs about cannabis and the marijuana industry in addition to pot-friendly accommodations.

"People can relax when they come because it's a safe environment," says B+B spokesman Kevin Fox. "They're in a place that allows them to that sense of fear is gone. There's no paranoia."

The property includes fourteen cabins, whose occupancy ranges from two to nine people. All cabins have private entrances and are equipped with a queen bed, a bathroom, a refrigerator, a gas fireplace and a deck facing the water, at $399 a night. Cannabis smoking is prohibited inside the cabin, but allowed everywhere else.

Bret Kantola, founder of Jackie's Sanctuary, a cannabis-friendly sanctuary and healing retreat, will be teaching classes this weekend on responsible cannabis use and growing marijuana. 

The resort is staffed by twelve people; a host and chef remain on the property at all times. Staff members will monitor guests for over-consumption. "We follow the same rules and regulations for alcohol when you're on vacation," Fox says. "If you've had three margaritas, it's not time to go paragliding."

Founded in 2014, Bud+Breakfast has three other locations — in Denver, Colorado Springs and Silverthorne. This is the first camp. 

Much of the company's business comprises out-of-state tourists, who've had a tough time finding places where they can consume cannabis in Colorado. "We get a lot of people from Texas and places like Indiana; we see people coming from a lot of the states between here and the East Coast," Fox says. "We also have a lot of people coming from Europe. We've had people come from Germany, Italy, France. They all want to come to Colorado, and we offer them a place to stay while they're here where they can enjoy smoking in a safe environment."

Find more information on the Camp Bud+Breakfast website.