Sarah Palin and GOP Senate Hopeful Darryl Glenn Are Facebook Boos

Darryl Glenn, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, characterizes himself as "an unapologetic Christian-Constitutional-conservative-pro-life-Second-Amendment-loving American."

But onetime Alaska governor/ex-veep candidate Sarah Palin, who continues to have EDM-star status among a certain percentage of the GOP faithful despite holding no current electoral office, winnowed that description down to a single word: "Wow!"

Palin and Glenn got together at Friday's Western Conservative Summit, and while Donald Trump was the main attraction (he had a no good, very bad day, depending on whom you ask), Palin got plenty of attention for a speech of her own — and she happily shared some of it with two attendees via posts on her mega-powerful Facebook page, which has collected 4.6 million-plus likes.

First up was Glenn, the designated challenger for Michael Bennet's Senate seat, about whom she wrote:
Wow! Finally got to spend time with Colorado's next US Senator — the GOP Primary winner Darryl Glenn! His career has been in dedication to our country; we should be thankful he's willing to continue to serve on a new battlefield. We need Darryl Glenn's military might and ethos — for such a time as this. Let's help him get through the general election, then on to Washington. Thank you, Colorado, for nominating him and sharing him with the rest of America.
These compliments should be regarded as negatives by association according to the Colorado Democratic Party, which included a link to the pic above in a press release headlined, "Darryl Glenn Can’t Get Enough Trump."

Palin, however, had more love to give — and she showered it upon none other than former Denver Broncos coach Mike Shanahan.

About Shanny, she wrote:
Those with common sense, concern, and tremendous love of country are pitching in and helping out the GOP nominee win for America. Thank you, Coach Mike Shanahan, for your boldness in supporting our next President. Denver was always blessed to have you, and now the rest of America benefits with your efforts to see Donald Trump fight for America. Coach Shanahan and DJT make a great team — they're in it to win it for the U.S.A!
Shanahan may be a winner on the gridiron, but at this writing, Glenn is in front of him as judged by Facebook shares — 894 for Glenn, 313 for Shanahan. The Glenn item has also collected nearly 300 comments, though a large number of them are about Palin, not him. Here are some examples, reproduced exactly as posted:
Looking great Sarha!:)

Donald Trump and Sarah Palin in 2016, This would be the absolute best thing for America at election time..

your the best you should be our secretary of state..... i know you won't let our marines die without trying to save them. shame on killery!

Best Regards from Honduras ! Mrs SARAH PALIN

Sarah always doing something
Another frequent topic: Glenn's relatively short stature. One commenter asked Palin, "What are you standing on?" Another ventured, "I thought he was taller." But a third brushed off such concerns with this: "Short in stature but mighty in character!"

Palin couldn't have said it better herself.