The Clinic Opens New Rec/MMJ Location on South Colorado Boulevard

A sign thirty feet high can be seen from exit 204 off Interstate 25, announcing the Clinic's new location at Colorado and Buchtel boulevards. The store, which opened on July 8 in a former Payday Loans location, now has bright-white walls and high ceilings; the space was designed to seem open and allow for natural light. "The idea was to make it feel like a high-end retail experience," explains Ryan Cook, director of operations.

The decor includes high-end items custom-created for the shop, including features that mirror the Clinic's geometric logo.
There's plenty of parking right in front, and a seating area in the lobby to the right of the entrance. But this Clinic doesn't want to keep customers waiting, Cook says. In fact, as soon as people check in, they're welcome to visit the sales floor. There are two entrances to this area: one for recreational users and one for medical patients, which allows patients to have some privacy off to the side.

Customers can visit multiple counters, all with different strains of marijuana and cannabis-based products. The store carries about 28 strains of cannabis on the medical side and twenty on the recreational side, with thirteen employees working the floor each day.
The sales floor also has an area called the Lab, where customers can learn about the differences between resin, shatter and budder and can view a video about the process involved in creating each one.
"We do processing for 150 clients across the state, so we're really known for our concentrates, which is why we really wanted to dedicate an educational display experience for everyone," explains Scott Thorn, president and COO of the Clinic.

On display in the Lab are 45 grams of shatter and 28 grams of live resin. Cook says the slabs are intentionally cut into 28 grams to show how much product dispensaries are legally allowed to sell. "Ultimately, it's a little different than what a patient would walk out with, but someone could potentially come in and buy the whole slab," he adds.
The innovations aren't just in decor and product. New security features cut almost an hour off the time it takes to close up each night. Metal screens pull down in front of the shelves, allowing staff to lock the displays instead of putting them away each night. Counters are on wheels so they can be rolled into the safe at night.

The Clinic, which was founded in November 2009, operates six locations around Colorado; four sell both recreational and medical marijuana, and the other two are devoted to MMJ. The South Colorado Boulevard spot will serve as the blueprint for future locations in the state; the Clinic also recently opened MMJ outposts in Nevada and Illinois. 

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