WTF: Denver Police "Ain't Too Cool" Music Video Stars Chief White in a Lowrider

Though it's no national model for policing, as Mayor Michael Hancock claimed in his State of the City speech, the Denver Police Department under Chief Robert White has made a concerted effort to change after being named the worst department in the country for excessive force six years ago.

As Kyle Harris reported last week, the department has made itself more accessible to the public and to journalists by engaging in social media. White has given police officers directives to build relationships with communities of color and to report any wrongdoing from within police ranks. 

More evidence of change came Monday night, when DPD released on its Facebook page video. 

It's cheesy, but after weeks of rough news for police agencies across the country, including shootings in Dallas and Baton Rouge that killed several police, it's a good move by DPD to try to humanize its officers.