Video: Fanciful Cakes and Fresh Loaves at Two Denver Bakeries

Bakeries both sweet and savory were on the minds of our videographers this week. Dale DiMassi's sweet tooth took him to Valhalla Cakes, where he captured owner/cake decorator Sam Slade turning confections into an edible llama. Slade opened her shop at West 44th Avenue and Tennyson Street in April, using the mythical Norse Valkyrie as her mascot. You can also read an interview with Slade here.

And Evan Wells took his camera to Golden's Grateful Bread Company, where founder Jeff Cleary, a chef and baker who started Grateful Bread more than ten years ago, is making some of his own flours and grits on a custom-made Austrian mill. Cleary says that the stone-ground flour is giving extra freshness and flavor to rye loaves and other specialty breads.