100 Favorite Dishes

100 Favorite Dishes: The Fried Bologna Sandwich at Snarfburger

No. 78: The Fried Bologna Sandwich at Snarfburger
In a land where many burgers are priced in the double digits, Boulder's Snarfburger is an island of common sense. At the little shack on Arapahoe Avenue, you can still get a bacon double cheeseburger for under $7 — and a good one at that. So it would be foolish to stop in and not order a burger — unless, that is, you let your eyes drift down the menu to land on a tempting childhood classic: the fried bologna sandwich.

There's nothing artisan, handmade or elevated about this greasy treat; it's just white bread, fried slices of bologna, gooey yellow cheese and a smear of mustard. But that's probably exactly how your mom or dad made it on a hot summer day when you were only inside the house long enough to grab your sandwich and run.

Add a side of frings (you know what that is, right?), and you've got a meal that rings in at $5.50, with not a speck of green vegetable to be seen. Because who'd want that?

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