Gathering of the Juggalos Is Coming to Colorado

Go West, young Juggalo! Whoop whoop!

According to a seminar held on Saturday, July 23, Insane Clown Posse confirmed that its annual festival, the Gathering of the Juggalos, will happen in Denver in 2017. The unique festival has taken place in various locations in the Midwest since its inception, including this weekend's seventeenth edition in Legend Valley in Thornville, Ohio (after protests from residents blocked its planned event in Kaiser, Missouri). 

Denver (and Colorado) has long been a locus of ICP fandom, but Juggalos are spread throughout the country. When announcing the location for the next "Juggalo Day" event — taking place February 17, 2017 in Florida — Violent J and Shaggy explained that the decision to move the Gathering was an attempt to make everybody happy — against boos from a vigorous contingent of California fans. 

Later in the litany of announcements and hyping the crowd, ICP broke the news that the GOTJ18 is happening in Colorado — to cheers and general commotion. "It's going to be fucking epic," Violent J said, selling the plan with details of our fair state: "In the fucking mountains, y'all!" and "You can walk into a store and buy an ounce of weed like it's a bag of chips!"

There's no word on an exact location for the Gathering or whether the Gathering might meet similar resistance from residents that the event has encountered in the Midwest. Yet ICP appears confident in the future, despite uncertainty. 

"That's the benefit of being a clown," Violent J said. "If we look like fools, who gives a fuck?"

Additionally, ICP announced the signing of a female artist, Blahzay Rose, to Psychopathic Records, saying that they had been trying sign a female rapper for the last seven years.