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The Ten Best All-Day Restaurants in Denver

There's something small-town about a restaurant that's open all day: You can stop in for coffee and a quick breakfast and exchange a cheery "Good morning" with the staff, nod hello over a lunchtime sandwich, and tuck into a satisfying meal at the end of the day. Even if you're not there three times a day, you'll feel like a member of the family before long as you get to know the crew at each shift. That's what we look for in restaurants that are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner: a welcoming style of hospitality, a familiar feeling of hanging out in the family kitchen — and great food, of course, served from dawn to dusk. Here are the ten best all-day restaurants in Denver, listed in alphabetical order.
10. Bacon Social House
2434 West 44th Avenue
Tucked away in the courtyard of Cobbler's Corner in Sunnyside, Bacon hides a stylish, Mod dining room and a menu that's heavy on breakfast items all day.  Chef Brian Crow mixes things up so that you're not locked into tradition at any time of day. You can go savory with spicy shrimp and grits when the doors open at 7:30 a.m. or opt for boozy French toast doused in Grand Marnier for an after-dark treat.

9. Brider
1644 Platte Street

The aroma of baked goods, courtesy of pastry chef Michael Conti, waft across the order counter, giving you a hint of what to expect. Settle in with a newspaper, a cappuccino and a doughnut or flaky pastry in the morning, or head over once the rotisserie oven cranks up for sandwiches fattened with roast porchetta, chicken or lamb — all of which phase into hearty entrees for the dinner hour. Gleaming taps spout batched cocktails, local beers, wine and cold-brew coffee, so there's a perfect drink on tap for any time of day.

8. City, O' City
206 East 13th Avenue

It seems like this beloved, meat-free eatery never closes. We've snarfed savory waffles just under the last-call wire with final rounds of Friday-night drinks and greeted the dawn with muffins fresh from the oven. While the rest of us sleep, the City, O' City crew is loading up that last rack of dishes before heading home or cranking up the mixer for sweet a.m. treats. Scrambles, seitan hot wings and steaming pizzas bring in the Capitol Hill masses at all hours of the day.

7. Devil's Food Bakery & Cookery
1020 South Gaylord Street
Devil's Food is the quintessential neighborhood coffeehouse, with shabby-chic decor and fresh-baked treats to accompany espresso drinks and straight-up coffee. But something wonderful happens at 5 p.m., when the atmosphere shifts from coffee bar to date-night destination: A full-fledged dinner menu emerges from the tiny kitchen, featuring homey eats like roast chicken and creamy pot pie. Of course, breakfast is far more than grab-and-go; you'll find buttermilk pancakes, savory quiches and an array of traditional and creative eggs Benedict.

6. The Humble Pie Store
3550 East Colfax Avenue
There's nothing more decadent than pie for breakfast, but you'll find far more at the Humble Pie Store if you wander in when the doors open at 7 a.m. Whether you have a morning sweet tooth or lean toward something more savory, you'll find exactly what you want — all wrapped in flaky pastry. And because Humble Pie is located on Colfax Avenue, a bar is a necessity; here it feels like an apothecary, with bottles stacked high on shelves behind the pastry counter. Say "Coffee and pie, oh my," or get a little crazy with a cocktail and pie. 

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