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Nikki Moorecock Crowned Denver's Air Sex Queen at Oriental Theater

"It's bigger than the World Series, it's bigger than the Super Bowl, it's bigger than Wrestle Mania, it's bigger than whatever the golf one is!"

So began host Chris Trew's introduction to the 2016 Denver Air Sex Championships, held at the Oriental Theater on Tuesday, August 2.

Trew, founder of the Air Sex Championships and co-founder of the New Movement Improv Theater, which has outposts in Austin, and New Orleans, takes his Air Sex competitions around the country in search of the deepest humpers and most skillful gyrators. Official competitors go up against crowd volunteers, and a panel of judges determines who makes air look the sexiest. Winners head to Austin later this year for the ultimate Air Sex Championships. 

Local judges included comedian Timmi Lasley and improviser Justin Franzen, who had been Denver's air-sexiest title holder until Tuesday.

"Being a part of Air Sex has been some of the most awkward fun in my life," Franzen said in our preview of the local show. "I'm proud to call myself Denver's Air Sex champion, and I'm really excited to defend my title against any Jabroni that would like to try and take it."

Try and take it she did: Nikki Moorecock (real name) is Denver's reigning 2016 Air Sex queen.