Reader: Does Anyone Put "Air Sex Champion" on a Resume?

"It's bigger than the World Series, it's bigger than the Super Bowl, it's bigger than Wrestle Mania, it's bigger than whatever the golf one is!" It was the Denver Air Sex Championships, which founder Chris Trew introduced with that description at the Oriental Theater on August 2. After assorted gyrations and air gropings, a panel of local judges crowned the winner: Nikki Moorecock. Yes, that's her real name, and she'll head to Austin later this year for the ultimate Air Sex Championships. The event raised questions...and concerns. Says Matthew: 
"Air sex champion".... Does one put that in the "awards and achievements" section of their resume?
Adds Sara: 
I wonder what the trophy looks like. (Calm down. You were thinking it, I just said it.)
But then there's this from Joslyn: 
There are missing children and Westword posts about this?
Did you attend the event? Was it worth covering? See our video of the Air Sex Championships at the Oriental.