Ten More Sports for Tim Tebow to Try If He Fails at Pro Baseball, Too

The collective head of planetary sports media exploded this week when agents for former Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow announced that he's interested in tackling a career in Major League Baseball and will be holding a tryout for teams later this month.

Never mind that he hasn't played baseball since he was in high school.

After all, Tebow is The Chosen One. He can choose to do anything!

But if for some totally unfair reason scouts who remember Michael Jordan's sad attempt to move from the hardwood to the diamond back in the ’90s decide not to let Tebow step up to the plate, we've got some backup plans for him — ten suggestions of other pro sports he could totally dominate (in his dreams) (and ours), photo-illustrated to help picture him in the action. Check them out below.


At six-foot-three, Tebow is plenty tall enough to compete against the big boys, and his speed would make him perfect for a team interested in playing at a fast pace — like, for example, your Denver Nuggets, who could totally use him right now, if only because his presence would immediately result in all those empty seats at the Pepsi Center being filled.

Horse racing

Okay, most jockeys don't weigh in the neighborhood of 245 pounds, as Tebow does. He'd definitely need a mount with a strong back. But should his horse falter on its way around the track, Timmy is strong enough to carry it across the finish line.


When we say that Tebow's got big balls, we're speaking metaphorically. Get your mind out of the gutter! Speaking of which, we think Tebow's more than capable of keeping big balls out of the gutter at upcoming Professional Bowlers Association tournaments such as October's Reality Check Tamarac Classic in Tamarac, Florida — where, thanks to his stellar college career at the University of Florida, he'd be treated like a god. Strike!


Yes, there is professional Ping-Pong — the World Championship of Ping-Pong was staged in London this past January — and we feel confident that should Tebow sign up, he'd immediately be the biggest, most intimidating presence on the tour, fully capable of flipping a table if things went wrong. Not that he'd do something so rude. Perish the thought!

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