100 Favorite Dishes

100 Favorite Dishes: The Falafel Waffle at Moxie Eatery

No. 69: The Falafel Waffle at Moxie Eatery
We admit that the first time we ordered the falafel waffle at this new Broadway shop, we did so only because the name is fun to say. But chef/owner Dylan Moore (profiled by Gretchen Kurtz for Chef and Tell) packed so many addictive layers of complexity into the dish — it's more of a salad, really — that we keep going back for more. 

Let's start with the waffle itself: It's a gluten-free square cut into two thick triangles sporting a green-gold hue and conveying the familiar falafel aroma of cumin, garlic and other Mediterranean spices. Denser than a standard breakfast waffle but lighter than a Greek-deli falafel, the waffle proves a worthy base for shouldering the load of sauces and bright tastes that make up the rest of the salad. While the satisfying crunch of a typical deep-fried chickpea sphere is missing, the waffle makes up for it with fluffy texture and dead-on falafel flavor: earthy from the garbanzos and herbal with parsley.

A healthy dollop of cumin yogurt moistens the waffle, and a smaller scoop of mint chutney adds brightness. Beneath all of that, a dice of cucumber, red onion and tomato soaks in a tangy, vinegar-based marinade. Crumbles of feta cheese up the Mediterranean quotient with more tang and funk. The whole dish is just a relentless series of blows to the tongue, with sharp uppercuts of acidity followed by roundhouses of richness from the yogurt, cheese and waffle.

The salad backs up its clever moniker with serious culinary chops. It's just one of many international surprises on Moore's menu, which meanders casually from Greece to Thailand to Japan with many points in between, toying with tradition for fun and satisfying breakfast dishes, salads, soups and sandwiches.

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