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Reader: Are Denver's Ethnic Restaurants the Exception to the More-of-the-Same Rule?

New restaurants are opening all over Denver, but one reader worries that too many of them are coming from "hipster/trendy empire-builders." And Jan has another concern: 
And the new places seem to all have similar menus. There are vegetables other than kale, beets and Brussels sprouts; I'd like to see them on menus. And we could move past each menu having the required beef dish, chicken dish, and salmon dish (or even worse, tilapia) and a Caesar salad. The proliferation of restaurants has not brought a wider variety of foods, except among ethnic restaurants.
But then there's this from Brett:
Denver has some of the worst ethnic food of any large city in this country. It's quite sad, actually. I'll agree about the Ethiopian food, but that's about it. There is literally not one good Chinese food restaurant in this whole city, not one. The Vietnamese and Thai food leave a lot to be desired as well, and don't even get me started about how bland the Indian food is. Also, not sure if this is considered ethnic or not, but when I first got here, there was not one classic German restaurant in the entire city, let alone a good one, where I could get a decent schnitzel. For Christ's sake, it can be hard to find great Mexican food here. We're in the Southwest, so you'd think Mexican would be a given, but nope.
What do you think of Denver's ethnic restaurants? What do you think of Denver's new restaurants in general?