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Colorado Crush 2016, RiNo's Annual Street-Art Celebration, Announces Dates, Artists

When September rolls around, it's Colorado Crush month in RiNo. The graffiti and street-art centered event, called Crush for short, will bring local and international artists, live painting, food and drink, b-boys and plenty more to the neighborhood on September 17 and 18. From the 2700 block of Larimer Street, Crush will work its way up the alleyway, taking on concrete canvases within a ten-block radius. The repainting will start on September 12, culminating in live-painting and the final reveal.

This is the first year when the event will be a cooperative effort between the RiNo Arts District and Crush Planning Committee, which includes original Crush founders Robin Munro (Dread) and Jonathan Lamb. Led by artist Tracy Weil, co-founder of the RiNo arts district and current boardmember, the district will really step up the planning and fundraising that goes into the event. 

Local artists who'll participate include Thomas Evans aka Detour 303, Taste, Illson, Joseph Martinez, Hollis and Lana, Patrick McGregor, Dread, Axel Geitmann, Zehb and more. Out-of-towners on the impressive lineup include Sense from Japan, LA's MadMan Art, Mexico City artist Beo, JB Snyder from Phoenix, Bruno and Shalack Attack from Canada, Taketo Kobiyachi from Japan, Blaine Fontana from Portland and many more still to be announced. 

To get a feel for Colorado Crush, see our slideshow and round-up from last year. Here are confirmed artists (so far) for 2016's Colorado Crush:

Jose Mertz
Detour 303
Evan Hecox
Boy Kong
Mr. Cenz
Ladies Fancywork Society
Taketo Kobiyachi 
Regan Rosberg
Hollis & Lana
Brandon Styles and Keith Goble
Chad Bolsinger
Bruno and Shalack Attack 
Joseph Martinez
JB Snyder
Max Sansing
Patrick McGregor
Lindsey Kuhn
Rodwas World
Blaine Fontana
Axel Geitmann

Find out more about the biggest Colorado Crush ever at and on Facebook.