Reader: You Don't Have to Be Pro-Trump to Want the Media to Remain Objective

Shortly after we published an interview with officials with the Colorado chapter of the Libertarian Party — a group that started in this state, and 45 years later considers the two major-party candidates both "terrible" — we offered a look at the Aspen home Donald Trump visited on Thursday, after skipping a planned immigration speech in Denver.

Although that campaign switch made national news, some readers didn't appreciate that post. Says Marnie: 
You don't have to be pro-Trump to want the media to remain objective, not subjective. The American people are entitled to hear ALL the news and decide for themselves based on being well-informed. Posts like this by Westword are surprising, since I look to them to spin things in a more independent yet objective way.
Adds Ilene: 
So. You wannabe journalists are really reaching. Maybe you should stay out of politics.
Charles responds: 
So, you have to be a major news outlet to report anything that has to do with Donald Trump? Why is that? Especially when they are writing about something he did in Colorado. Also, whoever said they were or had to be unbiased? Please, tell me all about the major news outlets you're following that are legitimately unbiased.
Where do you get your political news these days?