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Why Colorado Tokers Love Cherry Lime Haze

“Tastes so good, makes a grown man cry. Sweet. Cherry. Pie.”

Those hair-metal lyrics (by the band Warrant) compare a diner dessert to a woman’s genitalia — but I can’t refrain from singing the line whenever I come across a certain strain. However, I didn’t take the time to explain this to the budtender, who gave me a very judgmental look when I began belting out “Sweet Cherry Lime!” in my best Jani Lane voice when I spotted Cherry Lime Haze in a pot shop early one morning last week. What can I say? That strain just perks me up.

Although it won an award at the Emerald Cup in California, Cherry Lime Haze isn’t the most widely recognized strain around town — but it’s definitely one worth adding to the library, especially for daytime smokers. The sativa-dominant hybrid hails from unknown origins, like a mysterious Russian fighter that so many of our ’80s heroes had to face, but unlike Ivan Drago, Cherry Lime Haze won’t knock you out. A cross of Haze, Cherry Pie (which would also get a hair-metal intro if I ever came across it) and an unknown strain, this delicious cup of tea will gently wake you up in the morning and leave you with most of your wits.

Medical tokers will appreciate Cherry Lime for its appetite-teasing effects that will leave them still able to go about their days, and newbs will enjoy the jolt of energy it brings without pasting on that uncontrollable shit-eating grin that so many of us have to deal with at the beginning. That, combined with a strong citrus flavor, makes this strain a must-try for any sativa fan who gets too paranoid from racey strains like Silver Haze or Sour Diesel. So keep Sweet Cherry Lime in mind next time you’re perusing a pot shop and want to stay awake.
Looks: Cherry Lime Haze is bright green and covered in orange pistils, with big, open nugs that tend to be on the fluffy side (giving away the strain’s sativa dominance). Larger buds are usually cone- or oval-shaped.

Smell: The smell is very reminiscent of lime, though a sweetness of tart cherries and a subtle Haze spice kick in at the end. Some cuts of Cherry Lime Haze also come with an intoxicating cheesy funk.

Flavor: Sour (but not heavy) flavors of citrus and cherries, with an earthy (and sometimes cheesy) aftertaste. Don’t expect in-your-face flavor, though.

Effects: Not a super sativa — but in a good way — Cherry Lime Haze brings an uplifting high that keeps smokers going for hours before they even realize it. Take some time, let the head buzz kick in, and find something fun to focus on for an afternoon.

Home grower’s take: “My first and only try with this was when I bought some clones from a dispensary in Denver. It has since closed down for regulatory reasons, but this cut wasn’t too bad. Took a little long to harvest — at least nine, ten weeks — but it really filled out at the end. I was a little scared for a second, because it had long branches and the nugs weren’t massive, but calyxes really swelled up and came along at the end. Good, bright color. Got me going if I didn’t smoke too much of it. It was a good, classic-style sativa. Not sure why the ‘Cherry’ part was kept in the name, because all I tasted and smelled was the sourness of lime. But I’d try it again.”