O-O-O-Organic: Denver Rappers Record Music Video for Natural Grocers

The great thing about writing about music for a publication like Westword is you never really know what’s going to land itself on your task list from one day to the next. Never is that more true than right now, because just as we were winding down in preparation for a long Labor Day weekend, we received a press release informing us that a new hip-hop anthem has been released in honor of — you guessed it (no, you didn't) — Natural Grocers.

Yeah, you read that right. DJ Cavem and Alkemia Earth, Denver musicians who rap about kale and wheatgrass and promote a message of healthy food in general, have recorded this ode to Natural Grocers, called “OG Headquarters.” DJ Cavem, aka Ietef Vita, is a winner of a 2013 Westword MasterMind award, and his activist efforts were featured in the documentary film From Gangs to Gardens. So the partnership between the artists and the company seems, well, natural. 

According to the press release, “This couple has traveled the world sharing the message of wellness, nutrition and organic gardening over beats usually reserved for pop-culture hits praising a not so good for you lifestyle. DJ Cavem and Alkemia have created an innovative form of hip-hop entertainment that highlights healthy living, whole food nutrition and environmental awareness – a message that’s always ‘on fleek.'”

Watch the video below.

The new theme song and accompanying music video launched on Thursday in celebration of national organic harvest month, and the fact that Natural Grocers is the self-proclaimed Organic Month Headquarters (a title they are trademarking).

"Our marketing team had the idea of partnering with DJ Cavem to be our millennial brand ambassador and a member of our Good4u crew back in March of this year," says Krystal Covington, public-relations and customer-service director for Natural Grocers. "We looked to DJ Cavem and Alkemia to help us translate our brand messaging into something millennials can really connect with. They’ve been a really inspiring team to work with."

With lines like, “Food is the medicine” and, best of all, “Feed the whole family without pesticide, if you need help, see the health coach inside,” it certainly hammers home its point.

"The entire company is excited about the new music video and very excited about this partnership," says Covington. "We’re proud to work with DJ Cavem and Alkemia because they share the same values regarding educating people about nutritional choices that are Good4u, good for the environment and good for the economy."