Ten Ways Chipotle Could Regain Its Mojo

The term “burrito delivery drones” might sound like a sci-fi dream, but Chipotle isn’t kidding around: The beleaguered Denver-based company is bringing drone delivery to Virginia Tech University. It’s just a test program, sure, but it’s also a good PR stunt during a time when Chipotle has had, over and over again, some not-so-good publicity. So while you shouldn’t expect drone delivery anytime soon, there are other things Chipotle could introduce to try to regain the public acclaim and positive reputation it once enjoyed. (Beyond the good drink deals it's offering right now, that is.)
What else might Chipotle try? We’re glad you asked: Here are ten ways Chipotle could get its mojo back.

10. Big Costumed Characters
The customers who today crave their organic cilantro rice and antibiotic free-range chicken burritos are the same people who loved the Hamburglar and Grimace and the rest of the McDonaldland gang back when they were kids. Chipotle could not only hit the nostalgia button in each of its customers, but also support the flagging fabric costume economy, which has been in free fall since Sesame Street moved to HBO.

9. Give Away the Guacamole
Seriously…almost two more bucks for guac? We can get two small burgers at most joints for that same two dollars, and some of them come with a green substance that may or may not actually be guacamole. Make that guac gratis, and watch the grateful Chipotle disciples flock back to the promised land.

8. Pugs
Look, Taco Bell had a talking Chihuahua that was sort of a thing for a while. Why not steal the idea, and hire a pug to look adorable while demanding a burrito. Because if there’s one thing pugs love, it’s burritos. Well, all food...but that includes burritos. Check out this video, and just imagine the broccoli replaced with a beef burrito. Because you know that pug is imagining exactly that.

7. Free Prizes in Every Bowl
Take a tip from kids’ cereal, and give us little plastic doo-dad crap with our meal. You know, like a tiny telescope, or a submarine that will actually dive when we take it home and put it in the tub, or a burrito-shaped ink pen. Or hell, go the Happy Meal route and tie in to some recent movie. I’d eat more burritos if it meant a complete set of Star Wars: Rogue One Chipotle action figures, and admit it people: I’m not alone.

6. The Burritomobile
Chipotle needs to get out amongst the people again, go where its former customers gather, show the public that the company isn’t afraid to take to the open road in a giant facsimile of its primary product. Like the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile, the Burritomobile could be the traveling Chipotle welcome wagon for America, bringing good cheer and totally safe (we swear!) food products to the public from a giant fiberglas burrito on wheels.

Keep reading for five more ways for Chipotle to regain its mojo.