PAX Labs and the Clinic Launch a New Era in Vape Pens

It's a new Era.

PAX Labs has created a new vaporizer, PAX Era, in partnership with the Lab, the concentrates production division of the Clinic. "It really is the first pen that's true technology," says Sunni Marsden, a representative from the Lab. "It's next level, for sure."

The primary goal was to do away with the mess that almost inevitably comes with vape pens, she explains. The pen turns on when you tap it in your hand; you choose one of four heat settings by lifting the pod from the pen. This triggers the heat sensors in the nickle alloy heating element. As the pen heats up almost instantly,  the petals on the front of the pen begin to cycle through the four heat settings and light up when the requested setting is reached. Once you push the pod back down, it will lock in the heat setting.

The petals also cycle as you inhale.

The oil window of the cartridge is not visible when it's inserted into the stick, making this one of the most discreet vape pens on the market. The battery lasts for 300 to 500 drags, depending on length and the temperature setting; the pod starts out with 500 mg of live resin.

“Our patients and customers have been asking for a superior, yet affordable, vaping alternative,” said Alex Andre, chief executive officer for the Clinic in an announcement of the product.

The new vaporizer is set to hit dispensary shelves on September 29.  The extract pods go for $60 each and can be bought at these dispensaries.