The Eight Best Costume Shops in Denver - 2016 Edition

Halloween is coming in hot, Denver, and we all know what happens when you wait too long to procure that perfect costume. While Super Girl and slutty Harambe the Gorilla costumes may already be sold out, there are still plenty of amazing costumes awaiting at these Denver shops — and since they're open year-round, you can hit them up for all your costume needs until Halloween 2017 rolls around.

Here are the eight best costume shops in Denver right now.  1. The Wizard's Chest
451 Broadway
The beloved costume and game store just moved to Broadway, and this is its first Halloween in the new location. You'll find a huge selection of costumes in the back of the store on the first floor, but don't be afraid to venture through the entire space, including the giant hedge-maze ramp that leads down to the lower floor. 
2. Flossy Mcgrews
2645 South Santa Fe Drive
Flossy Mcgrews just reopened in time for Halloween on South Santa Fe Drive. Beloved Halloween badass Grandma Goth's legacy has been preserved in this new stop, which is packed with myriad thrift and costume options.
3. Studio Lites
333 Broadway
Studio Lites is the go-to spot for drag queens and kings, and happens to sell the largest supply of chemo-patient wigs in the state. But it's also full of options that should work for a treat on Halloween.
4. Reinke Brothers
5663 South Prince Street, Littleton
After being closed for construction for the better part of the year, Reinke Brothers is again open for business through Halloween. This family-owned costume shop is decked out from floor to ceiling with creepy masks, costumes, wigs, decorations and everything you could possibly need. Be sure to stop by Reinke soon if you have a special request; wigs and costumes tend to sell out as Halloween approaches. Enjoy our haunted slideshow by Aaron Thackeray. 

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