Ghostface Killah Hands Out Cash to Denver Homeless

On Friday night, Wu-Tang Clan rappers Ghostface Killah and Raekwon headlined the Budweiser Fear Fest pop-up Halloween party. Dennis Coles, aka Ghostface, however, kept spreading the Halloween cheer after the show ended. He was riding in a car with Jonny Shuman, aka Jonny Denver, the talent buyer who had booked the show with Danny Sax, when the artist asked Shuman to pull over.

"It was spur of the moment when he saw some guys sleeping on the street when we were coming down Arapahoe approaching 18th Street," Shuman says. "He told me to pull over and started handing out twenty-dollar bills."

Shuman says there were probably twelve people sleeping on the block, and Ghostface gave a twenty to each of them. He says the rapper's random act of kindness did not seem to be planned in advance, and that he didn't know that Shuman had begun to film.

"I was inspired by his sporadic generosity, and I wanted to share that inspiration," Shuman says.

Watch the video below.

Atlanta-based rapper Terrell Davis, aka Ralo, recently made headlines by giving money to strangers when he reportedly drove to the parking lot of a shelter and "made it rain" with $30,000. The event was filmed and posted to Instagram with this caption: "Fuck going to the strip club...let's go to all the homeless shelters and make it rain on the poor people." In the video, you can see people leaving a food line, paper plates in hand, to grab the cash that Ralo, standing in the back seat of his still-running luxury car, is throwing into the air. The person filming laughs and provides commentary throughout, saying, "They forgot their food!" Ralo was criticized for the stunt, with viewers suggesting that there are ways to help less fortunate people that don't require the beneficiaries to sacrifice their dignity. Ralo responded to the criticism via Instagram on October 24: “No matter how much good you do, they still gone say some bad bout you....I get 10k just to perform in the club why the hell I can’t give back to the needy?" He said he did the same thing at multiple shelters that day.

On the other hand, Ghostface's charitable actions in Denver — spontaneous, approaching individuals discreetly and respectfully, and not even sharing on his own social media — did not seem to be performed as a publicity stunt.

Watch the video of Ralo giving away money below.