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The Seven Craziest Moments With Rae Sremmurd Last Night

Hip-hop brother duo Rae Sremmurd brought the Sremmlife II tour through Denver last night and turned the Ogden into a Tumblr-age hit factory, playing banger after banger. Perhaps more than the songs played, the sold-out show featured many ridiculous on-stage antics. For those of you who didn't get a ticket to the show or didn't get any Snapchats from your friends who were there, Westword compiled a list of all of the wild moments that you missed.

1. Rae Sremmurd pulled off the #mannequinchallenge.
If you haven't already heard of the #mannequinchallenge, it's the new viral trend that involves getting as many people as possible to stand completely frozen while one person films a video of the scene, creating the illusion of people paused in time. Rae Sremmurd first attempted it on the audience, but claimed it was too lit to get the entire crowd to stand absolutely still. So as the duo began one of its songs, the entire entourage took the challenge into its own hands and assembled a scenario of members high-fiving, passing a bottle of Hennessy and hyping up the crowd. The musicians held the poses for about the length of a Vine video (#RIPVine) before jumping up and down to the drop.

2. Pineapples were obliterated.
No one really knew what they were for, but you couldn't help notice the half-dozen pineapples on stage next to Rae Sremmurd's giant DJ booth and screen. Without warning, brothers Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi took turns spiking pineapples to the ground like Rob Gronkowski with a football. The remaining bits of the shattered fruit were tossed into the crowd and even up into the balconies to make sure every one got their recommended serving.

3. Lil Yachty got the party started.
Yes, the redhead head-banged his signature crimson braids and got the crowd going nuts. The hip-pop MC eventually took off his shirt, jacket and chains to bounce around the stage while playing hits such as "One Night" and "Minnesota," which was recently featured on a Sprite commercial with LeBron James. The rapper gave props to all of the Denver weed smokers in the building when playing "Broccoli," despite admitting that he does not smoke pot. High or not, Lil Yachty got the crowd turned up opening the show.

4. Rae Sremmurd made it rain.
Yes, making it rain, as in throwing stacks of cash in the sky. During the song "Throw Some Mo" featuring Nicki Minaj, the artists did exactly that, taking stacks of crisp dollar bills and chucking them up to shower on fans below. Those in the front sections of the audience were rewarded with cold, hard cash. Rae Sremmurd went through a couple stacks, continuing to shell out more money into the next song. Too bad the bills were only ones — where's the love?

5. Slim Jxmmi had some awesome wardrobe changes.
While Swae Lee was doing one of his verses, Slim Jxmmi ran quickly over to the side stage to put on an absurd  bright-pink fur coat with no shirt on underneath. This brought cheers from the audience, but it would not be his only fur coat of the night. Once he grew tired of his pink ensemble, Slim Jxmmi went shirtless for a few songs before putting on a bright-yellow, feathered coat making him look like Big Bird. It was definitely over the top, which meant it was at home with Rae Sremmurd's show.

6. Swae Lee climbed speakers.
Standing at about seven feet tall, the speakers were certainly taller than Swae Lee. This only seemed to inspire Lee. He took a running start, hopped on top of the side stack and rapped one of his verses before throwing the microphone to eager fans in the balcony. He rocked out atop the tower before jumping down again. Toward the end of the show, he showed equal appreciation to the other side of the theater by jamming out on the opposite set of speakers and tossed pineapple chunks to the balcony.

7. Some Hennessy vanished.
Throughout hits like "No Flex Zone," "Come Get Her," "No Type" and the song with Ty Dolla $ign, "Blase," the duo passed around an enormous bottle of Hennessy while on stage. When it wasn't gripped by Rae Sremmurd, members of the entourage were stealing swigs while hyping the crowd. I think it's safe to say between the Henny and the blunts that were being passed around stage, Rae Sremmurd was feeling lit heading into the after-party.