Fifteen Denver Album Releases for November 2016

Denver is brimming with bands taking it to the next level, and November 2016 is particularly bountiful with new album releases. Here are fifteen of the noteworthy albums and EPs being released by Colorado artists this month. Let us know what else should be on our radar.

1. Rock Against Trump
Seventh Circle Music Collective
Sunday, November 6

This compilation benefiting Amnesty International is ostensibly relevant only for the election, but whether or not the Orange One is elected, he may continue to be a blight on the American cultural landscape. So these 53 tracks, few of them specifically about Donald Drumpf, are a great variety of underground rock and punk in Denver. Standout topical track? “Don't Vote for Donald Trump,” by Rotten Reputation. The release show already happened on November 6, but you can contact Major Letdown Records at the website above to get a copy of your own.

2. Cocordion, with I2M1 and Joseph Lamar
Deer Pile
Tuesday, November 8

Mitch Macura of Eros and the Eschaton is celebrating the latest release from his pop soundscaping project, Cocordion. Following the release of the album, titled COS (home=audio), Cocordion will go on a two-week tour to the West Coast.

3. Boat Drinks, with Turvy Organ, The Corner Girls and Old Sport
Lost Lake Lounge
Wednesday, November 9

This trio is releasing its latest EP, titled Dork Mansion. Calling the band surf rock does little justice to its greater kinship with the noisy pop songs of Dinosaur Jr and Ty Segall.

4. Homebody, with Body Meat and Heavy Dose DJs
Wednesday, November 9

Somewhere between its last proper album and the new one, Better Use of Leisure Time, Homebody went from northeast Canadian post-punk into darker, more atmospheric territory. Think the kind of evolution between Wire's Pink Flag and 154.

5. Cody Statz, with Seed Ling and Dayton Stone & the Undertones
Lion's Lair
Thursday, November 10

Cody Statz used to be an associate producer in Hollywood's film industry. The Loop is his attempt to grapple with the anguish of loss and overcoming failure and tragedy, which makes it a truly relevant album for the times in which we find ourselves in America.

6. Nevayda Gunn with Samvega, Today's Paramount and Grammar School
Goosetown Tavern
Friday, November 11

Nevayda Gunn's Glitchkraft takes an amalgam of post-rock atmospherics and psychedelic rock to dark, daydreamy places where they should go more often.

7. Lost Walks, with The Changing Colors
Syntax Physic Opera
Friday, November 11

Lost Walks is a band made up of various Denver music luminaries such as (Westword contributor) Andy Thomas, Jen Ganun, Kelly O'Dea, Trent Nelson, David Thomas Bailey, Chad Johnson and frontman, Dameon Merkl. Merkl is likely to regale the audience with darkly humorous, outlandish stories throughout the show and in the songs, which is worth the price of admission alone. Wolf, Woman, Man is the project's debut release, and this show marks the band's debut performance.

Read on for eight more albums by Denver bands released in November 2016.