Word of Mouth

Readers: Thanks But No Thanks for Mac and Cheese List — I Just Started a Diet!

After we dished up our list of the ten best macaroni and cheese dishes in Denver, readers were quick to serve up other favorites. How about Dad & Dude's Breweria Pepperjack and green chile mac? Shanahan's "awesome" mac and cheese? Interstate Kitchen's offering? Then there's this from Candice: 
People, stop with the bread crumbs! Real mac and cheese doesn't need it. It's not required to make it good and creamy. Bread crumbs and add-ins make it a casserole. Also, this list is missing Lou's mac and cheese. Ask for it without the bread crumbs.
And this from Sue:

Thanks but no thanks for the list, Westword. I just started my diet! Where do you suggest I go for low-cal, low-carb  mac and cheese?
Ryan doesn't have a favorite to suggest, but he's offering his services, anyway: 
Westword, I think you need a second opinion. I'll volunteer to try all these places on your dime and report back.
What other places should we try? What's your favorite mac and cheese?