The State of Marijuana in the Age of Donald Trump

Marijuana enthusiasts could have plenty to worry about during a Donald Trump presidency. Aside from being a racist, Trump's attorney general, Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama, has made disparaging remarks about marijuana, even insisting that he thought the KKK "were okay until I found out they smoked pot." In other words, the country's top attorney thinks marijuana is more evil than the KKK. And before you celebrate Denver's recent decision to expand the places in which people can toke, consider that it might be a hard initiative to implement. Keep reading for more on Sessions, the Yes on 300 Campaign, and how some marijuana advocates are fighting back against a potentially threatening administration.

Hold on to your bongs, ladies and gentlemen; the next four years will be quite the trip. Here are seven stories that show why:
1. AG Nom Jeff Sessions Thought KKK Was Okay Until He Learned They Smoked Pot?
2. Marijuana Industry Not Happy With Trump's Pick for Attorney General
3. Legal Pot Harms Colorado, and Other States Need to Know, Denver DA Says
4. Social Pot Use Coming to Denver as Yes on 300 Campaign Finally Claims Victory
5. Denver Social Pot Use Opponent Predicts Big Problems Implementing 300
6. Why Denver NORML Isn't Supporting Social Pot Use Initiative 300
7. Pot Petition to Donald Trump: Leave Colorado, Legal States Alone