Schmuck of the Week

How Naomi Braginsky Turned This Waffle House Into a Living Hell

Patrons of Waffle House restaurants don't ask for much. They just want some hot, delicious comfort food, served quickly and efficiently at a reasonable price.

But earlier this month, customers (and employees) at one of the eatery's Colorado branches got something extra. Their breakfast allegedly became a grub-hurling, worker-assaulting living hell, thanks to one Naomi Braginsky.

These actions alone would have made Braginsky a fine candidate for nomination as our latest Schmuck of the Week. But just like the fine folks at Waffle House, she went the extra mile.

How so? Braginsky's freakout is said to have continued after her arrest, with two deputies and a hospital staffer among her reported victims.

At 6:16 a.m. on November 14, according to the Larimer County Sheriff's Office, deputies responded to a distress call from the Waffle House at 3850 East Mulberry Street in Fort Collins — the one right next to the Motel 6.

The report concerned a woman whom the caller claimed had thrown food at everyone in her vicinity, assaulted a Waffle House crew member (though not seriously) and was refusing to leave the restaurant.

By the time law-enforcers arrived, the woman — Braginsky, a 31-year-old resident of Lafayette — had ventured as far as the Waffle House parking lot. But while she was initially compliant when the deputies detained and handcuffed her, the LCSO account goes on, she melted down once they tried to load her into their cruiser.

Braginsky is alleged to have violently kicked at the deputies prior to entering the car's rear-passenger area and kept it up after she had been put on the back seat, even using her legs to prevent the law enforcers from being able to close the door. In the process, one deputy was booted in the throat and leg; the other got hit on a leg and the stomach.

Bruised but not severely wounded, the deputies responded by tasing Braginsky, who was much more cooperative after that — at first, anyhow. By the time emergency medical personnel arrived at the scene, she was back to kicking the inside of the patrol car's door and windows, and the sheriff's-office narrative says her feet kept flying as she was transferred from the cruiser to an ambulance for evaluation at an area hospital.

She wasn't done yet. Later that night, Fort Collins Police Services officers were called to the hospital — because, it seems, Braginsky had assaulted a worker there.

These shenanigans resulted in Braginsky's being booked on two counts of second-degree assault on a peace officer, resisting arrest, harassment and more.

Witnesses to this craziness may never be able to look at a waffle the same way again.